Copyright Farm Chemicals Ltd Portadown 2011 All Rights Reserved Pro Line Sprayers  Mist Blowers  Backpack Sprayers Sprayer Accessories XL Cut & Graze Quality Spray Units Durable External Piston Pumps & Brass Spray Valve Excellent for Herbicide & Pesticide Applications Ideal for Liquid or Granular Applications Great for Use in Hard to Reach Areas Quality Construction  Economical Sprayer System Reversible Pump Levers Wide Sturdy Bases Available in Manual & Gas- Powered Options Range of Accessories Available for All Sprayers Spray Hoods & Valves Extension Guns & Nozzles Spray Shields and More Long-term, top class, highly flexible, dual purpose mixture with clover, which produces top quality forage for cutting and grazing  XL Permanent  XL Combi  XL Protein Barmix  Ensign White Clover Long-term intensive grazing mixture, with the option to take later cuts of quality silage. Produces season long grazing  Long-term top class cutting mixture which will also produce quality grazing. Result in a flexible, dense, palatable clean sward  An excellent, high protein cutting ley for over four years with the option to graze  A highly successful, permanent, drought tolerant, high protein sward, for beef and sheep production, from a clover based sward Ensign gives better animal performance, higher milk yields and better live weight gains. Better quality sward, less weeds and disease.  SOW & SPRAY  Pro Line Sprayers - Compression Sprayers - Backpack Sprayers - Sprayer Accessories - XL Cut & Graze - XL Permanent - XL Combi - XL Protein - Barmix - Ensign White Clover